#4 Marketing Meditations: The 3 axioms of emotion in brand management.

Being involved in branding & strategy with our companies Nekativ & Hivebreed I have identified that our work is an endless emotional game.

What makes things complicated client-side is that they are mostly influenced by a deeper level of engagement because they live and breathe their brand 24/7. That is not necessarily bad. What is bad is “being in love” than to truly love your brand.

Honestly, being in love is a good thing. But sometimes it hurts as it revolves around having the need to see someone or something through your own lens of emotion!

So we concluded with the 3 axioms of emotion in brand management that resonate with our beloved brand managers and owners out there:

  1. Beautiful in my eyes — This type of behaviour is the epitomy of marketing myopia. They are 100% biased on their opinion, they are afraid of change and are attached to their brand as an extension of their own personality. Sometimes, you will hear them say: “I know my brand and my client, I know better”, and when they do you know they are the least appropriate person to talk about their brand.
  2. The Blue Foam Protector — Funny name, but why not? It depicts the facts! Blue foam protectors are willing to take full responsibility of their brand and most of the times they will do anything to make sure there is a bit of their touch (sometimes over the designers’ mouse) to make sure everything is controlled and “directed”. They might feel that control means protection but don’t forget, the mother seal in her attempt to save her children from the polar bear leans on them and finally suffocates them with her body. Sometimes a brand needs to breath to stay alive!
  3. Listen to me Linda — This kind of guy is very polite. They always try to make a point and their levels of cognitive dissonance are so high that they are trying to rationalise their thoughts into your own mind. They might be cute and caring to listen to you as their high pay consultant; but honestly they are just preparing to answer back!

Do the 3 axioms seem to you like bad relationship habits? Well, sometimes they are and can become very toxic. In points they can make serious damage to your company or brand. What is really important when collaborating with a professional is being able to let go and let them become the voice of your consumer within the organisation.

I know it is hard…but as the saying goes: If you love something let it go, if it comes back it yours, if it doesn’t it never was!

Closing this marketing meditation from a great post from base design:



Marketing meditations is a series of opinion articles exploring our brain and its connection with the future of business.




Director, Digital Strategist at: www.hivebreed.com

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Demetris Stefani

Demetris Stefani

Director, Digital Strategist at: www.hivebreed.com

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